Fred Hoogervorst

Bangladesh 2019

Fishermen on the Meghna river in Bangladesh in their traditional wooden boat

Sunrise on the Savannah inside Kruger National Park

Sunrise Atmosphere on the Savannah inside Kruger National Park, South-Africa

Bangladesh, Delta Country with large Rivers

Landscapes of Bangladesh, Sunrise Atmosphere on the Meghna River

the Green Heart, het Groene Hart, from the Netherlands

Open Grasslands, Rivers and Watersport near Historic Windmill inside the GreenHeart of Holland

Bay of Bengal Beach in Bangladesh

four Ladies in Black and Red-Orange Dress on the Kalapara Beach

Tulips in Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands

one yellow tulip inside a big pink tulip field

Agricultural Landscape in Limburg the Netherlands

Arable Farming in South-Limburg Province, Holland

Vultures are getting endangered in Africa

Vulture in the Mara River inside the Maasai Mara during the Great Migration

almost 600 Plant Species Extinct

french guyana, guiana, flower inside amazonian tropical rainforest

Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands, Lighthouse on Land

Oud-Kraggenburg, Lighthouse from 1848 in the former Zuider Zee