Fred Hoogervorst, Nature – Wildlife – Environment – Travel Photographer

The subjects he focussed on, chosen either by personal initiative or by assignments, include tropical rainforests, African wildlife,  coastal environments, Sahel desert and also remarkable area’s like Borneo, French Guiana, Seychelles, Uganda, Indonesia, Amboseli, Masai Mara and Serengeti, Kruger, Caribbean, Antarctica and more …. In earlier years he was based in Mozambique, Kenya, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Trinidad&Tobago. Many of his Pictures show his Involvement with Wildlife and Nature Conservation. His photographic work is Exhibited in a large number of Museums and Published widely in books, magazines, reports, newspapers, calendars and is in use on Websites.

Look at his extensive DATABASE-WEBSITE,  www.fredhoogervorst.com -  CONTACT Fred with questions regarding Use, Reproduction or Purchase of any of the pictures and for PHOTOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENTS all over the World.

Fred is REPRESENTED by Hollandse Hoogte Photo Agency,  the Hague, the Netherlands,

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